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>Why does he never pick up or start with the blue armor?
It slows you down and the extra defense isn't applied often since it only counts for chest hits. It gets shredded quickly too. Almost never worth it over green armor.

>Why does he start with the semi version of the ZM66, but then ditches it in favor of a regular ZM66 with a grenade launcher and firemodes?
The loadout I used there was intended to pack as much firepower as possible while staying under 400 units. The brontornis and select-fire ZM are a little heavier than a ZMGL, but bolts take out bosses more easily than grenades. Once I get a backpack, I can stash the brontornis and use a ZMGL for non-boss combat instead. Soulspheres also give more weight to work with, so I'll switch if I get one of those too.

My understanding is that armor works more or less the same until it falls below 7 durability, at which point it basically stops working at all. Blue armor hits that point way faster than green.

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