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So how do you think you do a big monster "arena" well?

I do remember 1 wad where you fight a hell knight up close with a shotgun, it's only a hellknight though and the proximity actually makes it quite a fight. I see what you mean though.

I like it, the other comments you've gotten like having the 80's vibe I think are well said.
I cant describe music terms and I'm not about to make the tune over vocaroo, but the part before it kicks off at 33 I think might need a bit of work.

The single droning beat in between the drums might want to be a bit weaker? Or the drums a bit sharper?

Otherwise it's good, I mean, I'm listening to it more now and maybe I'm just overanalyzing it. Also, the part at 2:57 is very noice indeed.

Have you heard this song?

Just when the others were talking 80's vibe, that's what I was thinking of. Something unashamedly 80's is great too.

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