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>Think about replaying FFVII
>remember how boring Midgar is
>remember how tedious Chocobo breeding is

>Think about replaying FFVIII
>remember how boring the start of disc 2 is
>remember how annoying Rinoa is

>Think about replaying FFIX
>remember how slow the battles in it are
>remember how retarded the Trance system is

>Think about replaying FFX
>remember how many unskippable cutscenes it has
>remember how annoying some characters are
>remember how tedious getting the best weapons is

I used to love these games but I simply can't be arsed to play them anymore.

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I was going to link the Ura Zelda project but I literally just found out it was cancelled
It's a shame, it had promise
They had the Ice Temple and the entrance to the Light Temple with water reflections and everything

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Is there any reason why I get such bad frame rate drops when emulating the N64. I can play MM and OoT with no issues. However Star Fox 64 and Super Smash Bros. have terrible frame rate drops that render them almost impossible to play. I haven't tried any other games yet because I'm not sure what to expect. I'm using Project 64 2.1. Any feed back would help!

>tl:dr frame rate issues when emulating N64

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