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>Crouching to avoid the first death exit in Scythe 2

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any cool recent wads I could play in Crispy?
besides REKKR

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Just watched the Bethesda E3 show and I haven't checked this thread yet but I have really high hopes for it. It looks incredibly fun to me and everything I was looking for in a reboot of doom 2016. I really dig how the bigger monsters are less bullet spongey now and dynamically have bits of armor and flesh fly off the bone while shooting them. It looks super responsive. My only issue so far was the lack of music in the gameplay trailer which felt off to me. While I haven't read through the thread yet, I'm going to say it's fair to assume all of you guys hate it knowing yall's contrarian hivemind.

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So I was thinking of trying my hand at a skelemod

Thing is I have no art skills, 0, none.

One solution could be using a 3D skeleton model as a base for the hands, but what would be a good way to take those and paint over them in a way that does not look disgusting once ported to Doom? I have no idea about color or shading and all that stuff

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When will we have another mapping project? I had tons of fun with the earlier ones.

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If I were to try making MIDI music for DOOM, would it be in-line to shamelessly sample from 80s and 90s metal like the vanilla games? I feel like that would do a great deal for helping the song fit in, but I also don't know where the community cares about music plagiarism more now than in 1994.

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Better question is Jojodoom when

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Okay, so I found out that you can do this
>give demonmorphrune
(sv_cheats must be set to 1 first)
in Project Brutality and temporarily become a revenant. It's pretty cool and works really well.

Except that it's only a temporary transformation and turns your screen all red. Otherwise it's perfect, so either I figure out a better command or whip up a small patch wad.

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Much appreciated for taking the effort of making a demo, very useful to see things through the eyes of a player who hasn't made the map and thus has no prior knowledge. I've made about a dozen notes just from watching that. As for your points
-The lack of cohesion is true. I was trying to go for a bit of techbase in hell, but failed
-Resources. Point taken and seen. I'll spread more things around.
-Secrets poorly implemented. I'll make them more obvious (misalligned textures, texture different etc).
-The 1. Yes. That is a leftover from script in debugging. It's a variable for some control, but the player has no need to see it. Code responsible removed.
-Fireblu floor, thanks. I liked the effect a lot too. As for the 64 unit mazes. I get the point yeah. Especially with the "double grating" making it quite hard to see indeed. As a result I'll probably take a heavy redesign of the "red key area" and the general "interconnecting long meandering corridor"

My favourite part of the demo was where you shot a revenant with SSG, then again from long range. Swapped out to Chaingun with 1 bullet and killed the revenant with that

The notes I made whilst watching you play:
>Move yellow key off TP pad
You somehow didn't get it, which never happened to me before. As a result, I'll just dump it into middle of room. Also made the yellow-key Teleporters two-way proper because there's just no reason for them not to be
>Spacier TP rooms
In the first TP, you ended up having to go back and forth several times just to get all items around it. Making it bigger will let you walk around properly
>Library lightswitch
Add more functionality than just lighting
>Make something happen when you shoot/use cacoball spewing wall
>Colorcode areas a bit more/general help with finding path
EG a red arrow on the floor pointing to the area that has the red key

My other points have to do with some textures and lighting that looked off to me.

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>Tfw I'll never be a fabulous flying screaming skeleton

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DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>2819046
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Someone getting bonned

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