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What are some really shit weapons in retro games? Which one would you say is the worst weapon of all time?

some criteria:
>not a joke weapon
>it works as intended and doesn't suck because of a glitch
>has to be an upgrade or a choice where weapons are all on equal class
>not the starting weapon
>can't be shit because of an better weapon available, has to be worse than every single other weapon when compared

I say the Axe in ghouls n ghosts. always fires upwards when the game is designed around shooting forward. Only throw one at a time (most weapons can throw at least 2) Pierces enemies so you have to wait for it to leave the screen further reducing damage output, and isn't even stronger than most weapons. The magic is also the worst being an explosion around you when all other magics at least attack the entire screen in some way. I hate the axe and jumping over it when it appears is the hardest challenge in the game. There's not a single situation where the axe is better than another weapon.

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