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Eh, I can respect that.
It's a more noble one than the guy that's incapable of shutting up because Mark said a racist thing and "anti racism" is his religion or some other garbage nobody with a brain cares about.

When I was reading that infamous post of Marks I got the impression Mark is actually a bit mental himself. Not saying that in the insult sense but in the "possible mild Aspergers" sense.

Like why would he even say that, he even honestly thought he was doing the guy a favor....so continually being annoyed at him is kind of pointless because he's not likely to "Get it" anyway and that's just who he is.

Ironically, I'll just accept that as I don't have to meet or work with him. He's probably figured it out by now anyway and if he hasn't he probably never will.

I like to take Doom stuff "as is" without really thinking who the author is.

>I love me a good argument.
>If you get angry about someone over a screen you are prime neckbeard material to be honest

Damn, you're a real forum genius man.

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>E-Hentai Forums
Ehhhhh, I don't know, man.

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Can some one help me to find a .wad that I played a long time ago?
It started in a train station, the hud looked like the one in gta vice city, and the map was freeroam, you could go in various places, like an arcade and a gym, that's all I can remember.

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