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>that page

Hi no tori is really incredible, it blew my mind several times.
Omega Factor is like a re-telling of the original Astro Boy story but with lots and lots of guest participation by other Tezuka characters, which makes sense given his "star system".
Sharaku as the main villain was pretty awesome.

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Probably because they got the license but got short development time so they had to work out something fast without making it shovelware. It's Konami so the quality is there, but yeah it's not a game that really lives up to the manga, it's barely related other than you play as Gao and the phoenix appears in the form of statues during the game, and the intro/ending.

Konami also did a Famicom game based on it, completely different than the MSX game. That one is a side-scrolling platformer, not bad at all, it's pretty good too, but also kind of doesn't really relate to the story all that much, you're just Gao fighting a lot of japanese ghoulies, like on the MSX game.

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