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>just not when they're on CD-based systems due to loading times.

>San Francisco Rush (N64)
>Star Wars Rogue Squadron (N64)

When the entire game is crammed tight into a small cartridge with a shitton of assets and textures discarded, horribly compressed, and still doesn't fit, developers used to resort to compressing the shit out of it. To be able to read it again at all it has to spend some time decompressing it, hence loading times anyways.
Not to say the PS1 didn't have the compression problem since its RAM was shitty small, but many developers were wise enough to be smart about when to load new stuff and sometimes managed it without loading screens. They then had 700MBs of space to store smaller blocks of data and load them as needed.

When Nintendo developers got a taste of CD/DVD technology, they filled up discs to the brim with pure game-y content, not muh "AAA cutscene and FMV and uncompressed voice acting shit that's all unneeded fluff"

The N64 was a joke. The color depth required for its graphics was much higher than older consoles so that meant bigger files, yet the COMPRESSED game data of a PC-Engine CD game like Rondo of Blood excluding all sound data was still bigger than Super Mario 64 with all of its sound samples included. Yamauchi thought it funny to have a death match between devs jumping down a burning circus hoop just to burn fat and impress him, yet in the end most of his developers were burnt over, and Kaga and Sakurai left Nintendo altogether over it.

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