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We did have multiple deadlines and targets, but we decided it was more important to help people learn how to map for quake and support them along the way rather than try to release at a set date. Its not a speed mapping contest and we never specified a release date.
It will be ready when it's ready, so either be patient or just forget that QUMP exists and it will be a pleasant surprise when it does come out.

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>have a platform above a func_train
>want the train to not have shadows applied to it so it doesn't look retarded when it moves
>_minlight apparently doesn't work now for some retarded reason, so it always has part of it in shadow
>well the player should never see the bottom of this platform anyway, what if I change the bottom face to a sky texture and have it project light
>it works perfectly


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Is he seriously still posting that SArais image macro? Anon seriously needs to seek help if he's obsessing over that degeneracy.

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