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Like recommended series/games.

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Awesome recs. You seem to be picking up what I'm putting down. I've seen the GitS game and it's definitely something I'm interested in in terms of aesthetic. Didn't know it had rail segments/Panzer Dragoon aiming, and that bumps it high up on my priority list.
Will check out Hi no tori, and GI Joe/Space Harrier are exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for.
I'm starting to think 3D shmups doesn't completely describe what I'm after. May need to revise that...
Ace Combat is definitely what I'm looking for in terms of pacing and aesthetic. I've played 4, 5, and 7, and love them. Gameplay might not be arcade-y enough? Not sure how broad this list should be, but maybe will throw them in for the hell of it. Also thought about the X-Wing games ...
That looks great.

Alright so thanks to >>5852681, >>5852708, >>5852714, >>5852719 (and as I was writing this, >>5852735 popped up, hey)
Panzer Dragoon (series)
After Burner (series)
Star Fox (series)
Omega Boost
Wild Guns
Blood Bros
GI Joe Arcade
Bot Vice
Ghost in the Shell PS1
Hi No Tori/Firebird (are these two seperate games?)
Charge N Blast
Revolver 360 Reactor
Sin and Punishment (and sequel)
Star Wars Rebel Assault (1 & 2)
Kid Icarus Uprising

Is the current list...

I had two or three recommedations for PS2 3D Shmups I wish I could remember. One had a steampunk aesthetic and was about airships ...

If the list gets big enough I might make an infographic, like attached.

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>huge list not been limited

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