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Doom killed Amiga as a gaming platform.

It was only ported in the late 90's after was source code was released and you still need a heavily upgraded machine to run.

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Quake is a perfect game, not in its design and not in its intent, but it's the first 10/10 this medium has produced
More on that later

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This is probably gonna sound dumb but I wanna think you guys for being cool
I've seen more actual discussion about both retro and modern games throughout /fps/ threads than I have on /v/
keep on being cool, making maps, and just having fun

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because he is both
hes on his own caliber of nerd

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CDKeys as a site is extremely legit, the one site you might be thinking of is G2A, which is widely known for being very questionable about the way they obtain keys.

Unless you maintain a moralist mentality about the value of the developers' work, there is legitimately nothing wrong about using CDKeys to buy the games you want. It's not like you can't ask for an immediate refund with PayPal.

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