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>calls platformers collectathons
Yeah, do you remember having to move around in a sluggish 3D enviroment while forced to collect countless items that literally added nothing to the game just to progress through the game in the platformers for the previous consoles?
Collecthatons were a type of platformers that started and died with the first generation of 3D consoles. Today those are literally shovelware-tier games.
>only RPGs matter to him
I didn't even talked about RPGs but yeah okay, let's pretend that those aren't important to extend the console life cycle.
>literal retard who couldn't even figure out which way to hold a controller
Weird thing that they're still making new controllers for your awesome consoles in 2018, eh?
>sony shit-rat
Keep your shitty memes to yourself, i own and will play on any console, i don't stick to brands: i even didn't said the N64 is shit, i just can't take it seriously as a gaming console, pretty much like all the rubbish Nintendo has been pushing out after it.

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