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>nothing contradicting it doesn't mean it's canon
Technically, yes it does.

In fandom terms, there's three layers of canon.
"Core canon" is the immediate base stuff only made by the original creators and associates they've directly given their blessing. This is stuff you'd get in the base games.
"Extended canon" are things in the franchise related to the original that are not directly made by the original creators or associated with them but adds to the lore. This is the stuff you'd get in the animated tie-ins, like the origin of Violent Ken.
And "common fanon", stuff which is not canon but is commonly accepted among the fans and sometimes gets acknowledged by the devs themselves. This is the stuff like your rival in Pokémon Gold/Silver is related to Giovanni which did eventually become canon.

People tend to flux back and forth about how adherent to canon you are and what level of canon you go to, even in the Doom community. You'll have the people who refuse to consider anything more than the base original id games canon and everything else (even Doom 3/4) is irrelevant. And then you have the people trying to figure out how to work in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in the Doom timeline.
It's really a part of fandom I've long been fascinated by.

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