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>tank controls

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>see mario kart arcade at a round 1
>aw sick, Ive always wanted to try this
>put in credits
>please pay to continue to the next race

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>big important macguffin to carry the plot along
>nah, jk, the spiritual sage thing was just chilling in a cave behind your home island the whole time. Hey, go shoot some bombs at a wall, that'll prove your merit

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>a video game creates soy

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>myriad of NES games in their boxes.
How the fuck did you manage to do that?

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>asks how FF7 is an RPG
>then says he never said it wasn't
>comes back and asks how it's an rpg... again, after saying he never said it wasn't
You are legitimately autistic. I'm not saying that as some kind of trite insult, I'm telling you that you, legitimately, have Asperger's or something to that degree. This is insane.

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>namefag think I'm a butthead for having a life.

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>appreciating a console with actual good games is "Stockholm syndrome"
>liking a console with nothing but knockoff SM64-wannabe platfomers and autistic JRPGs, isn't

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>Real men don't play video games. They get lives.
>literally calling himself "not a real man"

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>not actually playing the real game

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>we owned
Has anyone else noticed the prevelance of autistic manbabies saying "we" when describing game systems they owned in their youth? They never say "I", it's alway "we". "We had X game system", "We had X game". You're not 7 anymore faggot boy, stop talking like you still sleep on the top bunk.

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>couldn't even complete Ocarina
>thinks his opinion is valid

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