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It's silly, but it's great fun. It also ticks a lot of boxes for what fits Doom:
>Mars (shot at a gypsum quarry they dyed red with thousands of gallons of food dye)
>red camo to match
>lots of pistols, shotguns and machineguns (and all kinds of improvised demon weapons)
>badass people like Jason Statham and Ice Cube (how can you diss a guy who goes by the name of 'Desolation' Williams?)
>metal soundtrack by Anthrax
>big bad is a huge dude in makeup and armor, wielding a sword, looking like he came off a heavy metal album cover
>monsters are some kind of supernatural spirits possessing people which are accidentaly released in an archeological dig (so ostensibly demonic spirits)
>obscenely violent and gory
>brutalistic concrete architecture
It feels far more like Doom than the actual licensed Doom movie.

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Event Horizon better captured some of the horror elements of Doom than the Doom movie, while Ghosts Of Mars better captured the action, monsters, violence and rock music.

Both are sort of flawed in one way or another, but also very entertaining, with good visuals.

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Ghosts Of Mars, Ice Cube and Jason Statham fights mining workers on Mars possessed by supernatural entities.

Event Horizon sort of, though much less action and way more horror.

They got an offer during early development, pondered it, as they really loved Aliens, but ultimately they decided to do their own thing, the basic idea becoming a mix between the styles of Evil Dead 2 and Aliens.

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