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Dragon Ball has some good games, either RPGs or fighting games. Super Saiya Densetsu and Super Butoden 2 are classics.
Yuu Yuu Hakusho has some good games too, most famously the Mega Drive game made by Treasure that supports 4-player brawl like Smash Bros.
Sailor Moon also got good fighting games, beat 'em ups, as well as Another Story, an RPG, and some nice puzzle games. SM really got a lot of variety in the games and they're all pretty good save for the PS1 fighting game.
Magic Knight Rayearth also got good games.
Gundam has a bunch of games, Endless Duel on SNES being one of the best, and generally considered one of the best original console (not on arcade) fighting games.
Macross has some good ones too, especially Scrambled Valkyrie.
Mitsume ga tooru got a great game on the Famicom.
Mazinger Z on SNES was neat, rather simple but serviceable, and has a kickass soundtrack.
Zillion on Master System was originally based on a series of the same name, it's a fairly elaborated game that warranted being brought over to the west despite the anime not being a selling point.
Hi no tori (Phoenix/Firebird) got 2 games by Konami based on the Karma chapter of the manga series, which also got a OVA. The Famicom game is a fairly standard side-scroller, nothing to write home about but worth a play, nice music. The MSX2 game was actually pretty cool and original, a sort of shmup/overhead platforming-action hybrid.
Ghost in the Shell for PS1 is a must-play, really original gameplay and a 10/10 techno OST.
Those are just some, there's many more. Gundam alone has a bunch of really good games of varying genres.

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