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- Saga Frontier: game have some original ideas like the presentation and having many "small" journeys than focused in a single big one. Best one of the entire saga franchise IMO and it's just a shame that the game was even better originally and they had to cut stuff to release game in time which sadly fucked some stuff like Fuse's sidequest and that character since he was going to be a main as well. More than that shame that SF2 sucked compared with this one.

Suikoden 2/5: a tie since both are very good and the best of series. In particular 5 can be considered better since it's a good game without any help from original creator and somehow they still made a good game after the disaster that 4 was. And based on some of the endings the staff had ideas to where to take the series and it's painful that everything was throw in the trash since you know...Konami. Oh yeah FUCK KONAMI!

- Tales of Eternia: there are many good Tales game and only some suck ass (like Legendia, Xillia and Zestiria). This is one of the best ones and I still hope we will get a remake of it ala Destiny one day, specially since they cut all of the skits in original game.

Well I don't remember why exactly, either they ran out of money or had to pretty much cut entire second half due to deadline but there was a good reason why the second half is so shit compared with first. That game really need to have a remake for like yesterday. Fact that it didn't happened yet shows Square Enix still don't have enough brains in the current staff if they think only FF7 need a remake.

CC isn't a bad game; the problem is that it's a fucking terrible sequel to CT and that make sense since the game was NOT made to be a sequel. Square forced the team to turn the game into a sequel in the middle of development and staff suck as fuck hated that. It's no wonder that more than half of the original cast don't even show up in it.

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Shit, because you can get a 256 GB microSD for pretty cheap these days.

Yeah it's pretty incredible. You can get a 256 GB for all of 50 bucks these days. That's thousands of games, on one memory card, to play on one handheld (also this is what the Nintendo Switch could have been if Nintendo had any sense).

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Just bought the GameBoy Player add-on for my GameCube.
Since the GameCube controller's D-Pad is sub-optimal, aside from a (prohibitively expensive) Hori GB Player gamepad what's the best controller for 2D games?

I'd love to use a Wii U Pro controller with it, but 8bitdo doesn't make any GameCube adapters (yet): should I just get a raphnet SNES>GC adapter?

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Impossible, Wario is actually charming.

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>GBA Everdrive with every GBA rom, plugged into GB Player (with GBI, running the low-latency mode) connected to a PVM via GC component cables
It doesn't get much better than this, lads.

I mean, maybe if you have one of those $1000+ Wide Boy 64s that take GBA carts and an RGB-modded N64, but even then apparently the audio quality sucks ass.

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i really miss this series, it had some of the most clever puzzles i've seen in platforming

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>the little chaingunner

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>Favorite mini game
Hexagon Heat.
>Favorite character
>Favorite Land
How about I rank the boards from best to worst instead?
Horror Land > Western Land > Bowser Land > Space Land > Pirate Land > Mystery Land

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Obviously it's the house where Mario "lays the pipe"

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OR here, 10/10. What a cute pair they make! Link goes with fish creatures like peanut butter and chocolate.

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>mfw Xenoblade finally gets it right because big daddy Nintendo is taking care of them

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At least we can all agree that 3 was absolutely PERFECT!

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that seems interesting, is there a modding community with custom maps?

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Unedited for those who need it.

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Thank you, based anon!

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>the wah they were meant to be played

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>tfw I clear 70k but own every flashcard and modded all my consoles to run roms

feels orgasmic senpai

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>I never argued about tastes

You are, though. You're claiming that better hardware = better music. Some of us don't agree with that; people make music with trash on the street. Your argument is invalid.

Thanks, I will.

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