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>you shouldn't be on 4chan in the first place
oh, its you

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ITT: We greentext stories about things that happened while we were playing retro games.

These could be triumphant moments, funny circumstances, depressing/sad stories or anything at all that you think is worth sharing.

I'll start:

>Playing FFII
>Spend hours levelling the TOAD spell to try and get it to level 16
>Finally get it to level 16 fuck yeah
>Run through the game casting TOAD at anything and everything
>Enemies that were once threatening and intimidating are now nothing
>I have become an Egyptian plague

>Get to the part where you're in the Coliseum because Princess Hilda was captured and you gotta save her
>In the arena
>Meet 'The Emperor'
>Doors are locked all around me
>Emperor: "May you fight well this day! To the victor goes Hilda, princess of Fynn!"
>Suddenly approached by a Behemoth
>Never faced against one before
>Initially set everyone but Maria (she's the one that knows TOAD) to run and cast TOAD on the behemoth as a joke
>I didn't even get touched by it, it just straight up hopped away.
>Emperor: "Nobly fought!"

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>realistic hitboxes

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gimme groovy reaction images for this

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you reek of reddit

have you stopped to think what would happen if every indiepixelshit would be allowed here? can you see behind your pointless tantrum?

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I'll fuck you up m8

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you're only proving my point, stupid idiotic asshole.
go be mad some more.

oh and welcome to my filterlist.

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