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Tell me more about those maps.

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>That second example with the fade out defeats the whole purpose of iMuse
Because iMuse is intended for gameplay, not soundtracks.

>What the hell wrong instrument do you think you're hearing?
On the wrong example, you hear a midi track (as in channel, not actual track) with this instrument, which already appears in another track, it's a pretty cool hammond which is everywhere in Monkey Island.


On the last video I linked, Wally's theme uses the intended instrument for that midi track/channel, which is this amazing harmonic synth.


Hope you'll be able to catch it now. The reason it's wrong on the earlier video is probably because either the .mid recording he was playing was broken, or his MT-32 skipped a command because of sub-optimal midi environment, or maybe because it's just old (dated units can't catch a break).

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