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no anon, you can't actually understand how to play a 26-year-old game
you're supposed to use the shotgun on all the barons even after you've gotten a bfg because the bfg is only for oneshotting masterminds and should never be used otherwise
and the plasma rifle doesn't exist because i read on the internet that the bfg is more efficient
i don't know how to manage space even in a port that fixes actor height collision so the rocket launcher is suicide
the chaingun? like that's even a usable weapon, don't you know how inefficient bullets are compared to shells?
stop using all the weapons and just shotgun everything and then complain that it's boring and takes forever to kill enemies, that's how you play doom anon

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>shotgunner survives berserk punch
>shoots back for 45 damage

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>punch shotgunner with berserk
>doesn't die
>shoots back for 45 damage

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What are some map design choices/trends you hate?
>Some brown water hurts you
>Some brown water doesn't
>The map is inconsistent with when it does or doesn't hurt you

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Nope, he's a different.

Filters are a cancer, they even spread into our reaction images. Please stop

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>implying my superior opinions don't make me better than you
Where do you think you are?

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>pissed off martians

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Well now I feel like a tard, apparently ZDL had defaulted to TNT for some fucking reason. Thanks

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>there are people in this world with no appreciation for the vanilla SSG

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>Having a good time replaying DooM 2
Jesus fuck.
I there a worse official map?

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Why is it that MAP08 and MAP09 bring my UV runs to a screeching halt?

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GZDoom is segfaulting every time I launch it, period.

What the FUCK.

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>to ask Bethesda to make Doom free?

>For Free

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Uploaded in 05. My bad.

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>updates to fancy new graphics system
>only works for people who can run Crysis
>all this for a game that doesn't even have 3D models without modding
jesus christ how out of proportion

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At risk of falling for bait:

I am new here. This is my first post in a Doom thread. And you are automatically new if you can't punctuate correctly. "We have doom not quality" - that's a little difficult to understand.

The reason that people are angry at you amounts to a few things:

1: Why post "continued"? Why not just put your whole argument in one post? It honestly makes you look like you sorta sent the reply without really thinking about it - which doesn't really reflect well on you.

2. The character has an American accent because the game was made in America, presumably. Casablanca, despite being set in France, had no french accents, because it would've been grating to the ears.

3. Asian accents never sound good unless you're trying to create a stupid stereotype. There are good dubs, and - I say this as an idiotic weeaboo - none of them use thick Asian accents. Your argument might be valid if you suggested she spoke in Japanese; but the only work that were everyone had Asian accents was Mega Man 8. And that dub sucked.

3. Voice actors with any degree of talent are pretty hard to get. I would agree that we shouldn't accept bad things because refusing any content is bad; but this isn't actually objectively bad. That's just an opinion.

4. What makes you think /vr/ accepts this "because doom has bad things"? /vr/ has called out tons of wads on bullshit. When /vr/ sees a bad wad, they tear it apart. The fact that they're not doing that for this implies that most people probably like it to some degree.

5. Nobody wants this again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phitdexy3YI

In conclusion: if it annoys you so much, ask for an option to turn voices off, and please try to use better grammar.

My personal opinion is that it looks great, and the voices are entertaining, but I can understand how some people might not like them. To ask for a full re-dub? To imply /vr/ and the Doom community accepts bad things "because it's Doom"? See image.

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>here's 8 player co-op working fine

No shit it's working fine, because that's the video of the official netcode developer.
The problem is that it doesn't work for everyone EXCEPT him, and he's such a stuck-up pompous shitweed who couldn't recognize and accept his and its faults even if they sang "IT'S RAININ' MEN, HALLELUJAAAHHHHHH" while doing the fucking can-can while pantsless in front of him.

ZDoom multiplayer is simply not an option for 90% of the cases where you would actually want to play multiplayer.
Odamex multiplayer is a more viable option than ZDoom multiplayer. Hell, fucking CSDoom is a more viable option!

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Is there any good source port for android
>mfw trying to find one

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>Rappel from Deimos to Hell
>Suddenly all my gear is gone

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