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Where do you get NES roms when all sites stopped distributing them?

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Turn off caps lock already nigga

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Allow me to clarify: I've noticed e-celebs like Gmanlives and Civvie-11 have padded their videos by gushing about how good they think a gun in a given game sounds, the point it is getting very old. Do I think it's a coincidence that you made your cherry-picked argument about gun noises shortly after Civvie did the
>muh gun sounds guh
shtick three times in one of his recent videos? Fuck no I don't. Quit parroting e-celebs.

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Crouch. You can crouch in the air too. Circle strafe fast. Don't stop moving. Grab cover whenever possible. Use the double shotty blast or tommy when possible. The flare gun is all but useless for anything other than solitary low-threat enemies (single shot) or packs of zeds (alt fire). The tnt is just practice. For me Duke 3D's pipebomb transferred pretty well.

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I knew a guy who worked with him at Ion Storm. Romero has done some scummy things by his account, but has seemingly mended his ways. Almost to a fault. He's rounded off his corners, at least publicly.

For what it's worth, the guy I knew (haven't talked to him in years so I wouldn't say I still *know* him) said that the marketing wasn't Romero's idea, but he didn't fight it either.

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My map probably has small leaks all over the place because the moment I realized Quakepasm will run it even with leaks I stopped giving a shit.

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>The monsters can be heard across the map, which is so the bosses in E2M8 and E3M8
should read: monsters on E2M8 and E3M8 can be blah blah blah
pic unrelated again

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they push it because they designed the combat around not stopping your guy. Its to be a contrast to current age first person action games that are quite slow in comparison. Not as fast as OG Doom for sure but a decent compromise

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Master Levels episode is better and more consistent than TNT change my view

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Can we get the other OP back? This one is boring, tasteless, stale, and without humor; Some people are taking a joke title way too seriously.
Probably a demon or something.
Also this OP might of been banned for racism.
Thank you.

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>die and get stuck in hell
>fuck the place up so bad they straight give you a portal out of there
Doomguy beat Kratos to the punch, he got sent to hell and out first.

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Hey dudes,

I have some limited experience making maps in vanilla doom2 format. How different is working in UDMF? Are doors/teles/lifts/etc. generally the same? Is it easier to work with? I know for instance that you can offset flats, unlike in vanilla.

I see a ton more options and you can do a lot of fancy things, are there good video tutorials I should watch or would just reading about it on a wiki be enough to figure it out?

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>doom 4? more like doom poor

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Doomguy doesn't get any help - why should mappers?

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Well, för helvete. Fuck me.

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>would have to travel like a year in real time to reach todd howard because fast travel doesn't exist in doom
>however doomguy runs at 50 mph
>6 days

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I'm trying to simplify it now. If I remove the height variation it'll kinda ruin it for me. But that may be what I need to do.

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Noob question: I'm playing some DTWID on GZDoom. What should I have the autoaim slider at in player setup?

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>Nothing compared to the unholy things revae is doing to the software renderer.
I'm not doing anything too crazy. Just little vanilla tricks and spriting/texturing... Nothing that would impress the old heads in the community.

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Not an argument

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OP pic is a win this time.

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>I don't get what got people so riled up about it.
I dunno why people get riled up about nearly anything. There are things in life you should be outraged about, but everyone is emptying their tanks on "ruined" childhoods, virtue signalling, or some other garbage.

Whatever though. Video games.

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You'll be fine you paranoid dingbat, just download those wads and go have fun

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