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Any generic Stoeger or Stevens (Savage) hammerless 12-Gauge coach gun with the barrels cut down to roughly 10" or 12", and the stock left intact.
Adrian just painted the SSG manually, recycling some of the hands from the regular shotgun's frames and the muzzle flashes.

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Adrian probably just drew it based on double-barrel shotguns he had seen in movies, with no specific one in mind.
This old hammerless Stoeger with cut down barrels would probably fit the bill though. Assume the single trigger trips both sears at once or something, and that the lockwork is reinforced to handle that.

The Super Shotgun is painted from scratch, basically, but the rest of the guns are digitized toys, the pistol is a squirtgun shaped like an M9, spraypainted black, the shotgun is a Tootsie Toy Dakota, the chaingun is a Tootsie Toy "Ol' Painless", the plasma is the front end of a vaguely M60 shaped toy, the BFG is a Creatoy raygun, eventually with the plasma's muzzle fitted to it (the raygun also had tons of greebling on it which they turned into wall textures).

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>Berserk Fists
>Super Shotgun
>Plasma Rifle

>Has only reskins of three of those, doesn't even try to have a Super Shotgun

I think we have our winner.

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