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because he made like 10 decent levels for it.
honestly he's more of a philosopher than a proper game designer at this point. He's just a series of concepts and memes to most.

the buckethead music doesn't work in crispy. It only works in (G)ZDoom AFAIK.

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>Why would anyone care what someone else listens to, watches, and how they listen to and watch that content?
There is no reason, honestly.
I personally view games as an art form, and with art comes criticism. Discussion leads to a higher understanding of whatever work you're discussing, whether it be technical stuff or cultural stuff. It may seem like retarded shitflinging but I feel that you're only looking at it at a surface level.
I don't think anyone is saying you can't have an opinion on stuff nor that your opinion matters more than someone else's, it's just good to have a second opinion on stuff. A way to escape the internal hugbox and to branch out.
To look at it in an objective way, what reason does someone have to not play a better game or listen to a better album. I feel that it's an inherent need to build an internal tier list of sorts of everything you like.
Again, I see your problem only residing in discussion. If you hate seeing other people's opinions then unironically why are on 4chan?

Let me rephrase then: It shows exploration outside of a reduced popular cannon.
I'm not saying that the trait is absent in men, but rather that every man on Earth has one thing they're autistic about. Of course I'm generalizing, there are probably girls out there that have their own flavor of autism about something, but sociology is just the study of generalizations, right?

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Just post what you want on there I guess. If it's anything obscure post a DL link and I'll mirror it.

I do on linux.

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