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I guess there wasn't that much interest for more Ranma games during mid-90s , that sucks because I wanted another game that improved on Chougi Ranbu-Hen and we got the shitfest that was Battle Renaissance.
It's not good when like 3 or so are good (Chougi Ranbu Hen, Netsuretsu Kakutouhen, Ouugi Janken and Akanekodan Teki Hihou) while the rest are forgettable or just bad.
Also you're missing the MSX game, which is infamous for the anti-piracy lock.

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I'm watching Ranma 1/2, does the series has any good games?

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Hokuto No Ken on SMS is fun, and the Kinnikuman fighting game on nes (aka MUSCLE) is my guilty pleasure, Warsman is broken as shit.
I like this one for how simple it is, reminds me a lot of those early NES games.
There's also a more fleshed out platformer game but it needs some understanding in japanese since you have to do some tasks to progress.
Oh, and a card rpg but i don't like those games.

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