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Quake is a bit horror-ish at times, though generally is action. Fun action.
Blood is similar, also very challenging.

IMO, Doom 3 doesn't really work as horror, because all it actually has going for it is cheap jumpscares, which you get used to pretty fast, and as said, you really are pretty well armed and capable.
I'll qualify that by saying that I think Doom 3 isn't a bad game, that it's actually a pretty decent and competent (if not particularly remarkable) shooter. Putting on a flashlight mod or using the shoulder flashlight like in later ports I think better enables Doom 3 as a straight action shooter, which it does much better than horror.

Also, the chainsaw is just really fun, because with some dedication you can fight almost every enemy encounter in the game with it and hope to win.

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I like Doom 3 as well. It's no a perfect game, but I think it has its strengths and is a fun game to play.
The chainsaw is love.

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Yeah, the Arch-Vile really sucked in Doom 3.
Pic related says about as much about him as it does about how good the chainsaw was.

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Not really.

>Doom 3 was full of scares and disturbing moments.
Pff, barely. Some jumpscares, yeah, but the game abuses those hard and you really grow to expect them and grow resistant to them, especially when you're armed to the teeth. Bonus point for using the chainsaw, where you could just buzz around with it in the dark and destroy any sneaky mook trying to pounce on you, and they don't even matter.
Hell, once you realize how powerful the saw is, you can near fearlessly take on almost every monster in the game with it, even some of the high tier ones, you feel like a god.

For disturbing things, maybe I'm jaded, but there's not that much I can think of.

On /doom/? Generally not. Most people who don't like it mostly complain that the level design wasn't that strong and focused too much on locked in arena combat (a fair criticism).
Generally lots of people around here like it to some degree. I thought it was fine, hoping to see Doom 5 improve on its formula and remedy its flaws.

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BFG Edition was a re-release of Doom 3, for modern PCs, but also for consoles, so you could play it on XBox360 and the PS3. It included the expansion Resurrection Of Evil, as well as a small XBox exclusive campaign.
In the original Doom 3, there is a flashlight, but it's a weapon you select, and you can't shoot a gun while using it, only swing the flashlight as a club, and it sucks.
In the BFG Edition, the flashlight weapon was deleted, your flashlight instead being mounted on your armor, and having a limited, recharging battery, like in Half-Life, you'd just toggle it with a button. This is much more practical, and somewhat mirrors the popularity of various flashlight mods.
Some say this ruins the horror atmosphere, but I'll be blunt, Doom 3's atmosphere for horror is quite limited and repetitive, if you've had one of its cheap jumpscares, you've had them all, you kind of grow immune to them in short order, just finding them trite and frustrating. I'd much rather just have the better flashlight contributing to making it a better shooter, and skip the weak horror charade.

BFG Edition also came with the old games; Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and also the episode 'No Rest For The Living', which previously was exclusive to the XBLA port for the original XBox. No Rest For The Living is pretty good actually, hard, but fun. If you haven't played it on console, you can download the .wad and play it on PC with whatever sourceport you fancy, would recommend.
Playing the old games, I'd say they've got great controls, compared to some of the original console ports.

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Not to mention, the chainsaw's power also lets you fucking plow through the weak mooks such as the imps and zombies, so it really adds some much needed speed to the game.
It's even worth charging the Z-Secs at times, because though they actually employ some tactics and take cover, they're still pretty fragile, so it takes little to drop them.

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Immersion, atmosphere, sympathy and empathy due to sufficiently convincing characters, etc.
Basically shut up.

I'll buzz your word.

>No I think ill just focus on using the Plasma Rifle and Machinegun as much as possible and practically ignore all the other weapons, because plasma cells grow on trees and between the two weapons id never run out of ammo.
No, see, the point of sticking to the chainsaw is challenge.

It has a mighty DPS, but to use it, you have to get in melee range, and while this is easy for low tier mooks, for higher tier ones like hellknights and mancubodes, this is actually really hard, because they react so fast with melee and they're hard to dodge.
So using the chainsaw, you feel powerful mowing down low tier mooks, but you feel like a goddamn god when you manage to destroy a large demon with the saw and the saw alone, without being killed, especially if there were more than one of them.

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I think it'd be very hard to actually convey in a good manner at Doom's resolution, it'll just look really weird.

There were at least one project to remake Doom 3 for like, EDGE or something, had a fair bit of effort put into it, and there might have been some other projects too.

Almost all weapons from Doom 3 has been recreated in sprites (and code) for use in Doom projects.
>super shotgun
>heart artifact
I think only the Soulcube and Grabber hasn't been fully sprited and coded somewhere at some point.
The shotgun, chaingun, rocket launcher and chainsaw in particular has made the rounds for a long time, you still see them here and there, either as they are, or being reused to create new sprites.

There's a good few monsters too, in fact there's more than a few attempts for some of them.
>ticks and trites
>zsecs and other zombies
>lost soul (both kinds)
>Master Sgt. Kelly after he got a makeover
>caco demon (lazily reworked octobrain)
Some of these are better than others. There's halfhearted recolors with a bit of hackjobs based on classic Doom or other old FPS assets, some are extremely ugly hackjobs in general (the cherub was extremely bad), some are skillfully reworked from existing Doom (or other game) sprites, and there's even a couple which are properly made from scratch.

So overall, there's been some effort by people over the years to make Doom 3 stuff, some of it is even pretty good. I think even if Doom 3 itself is contentious in how people argue whether or not it's good, it's clear it left some impression on the community. People still do some Doom 3 stuff from time to time, sometimes someone just makes a single frame for fun, sometimes someone puts real effort into remaking something.

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It's an ok shooter.
I think it's the most fun if you challenge yourself to play with the chainsaw for the most of the game.

Basically every enemy sans bosses can realistically be defeated with the saw, and it's kind of exciting to pull off.

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They're like, serviceable, in that most of the game is there and most of it plays and functions like it's supposed to, but it's kind of inferior, and has some sloppy edits, partially because the Red Cross is fucking gay, and partially because Germany is fucking gay.
It's not the best experience, but it's also far from the worst, you could be playing it on the 3DO.

The Doom 3 port isn't bad IMO, I always thought the flashlight should be a quick button function, the game is best played as a run and gun shooter and the horror doesn't really work that well in 3, so might as well make the best of it. The gunfighting actually gets pretty fun and exciting once you get into it, and the chainsaw is SO fun, if you put your mind to it, you can reliably defeat most monsters with it and not face much difficulty.

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It's really amazingly retarded, especially if you consider this is a weapon meant to outfit security forces.

Consider also that in the original game, shotgun spread was actually reasonably realistic, in that you could actually hit someone without having to be kissing distance with them.

Nah, the chainsaw is tits too.

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I liked Doom 3.

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I wouldn't say it's excellent, but I do think it's actually fairly good.

>recolor monsters some, maybe give some horns and other features to some of them to make them more distinct from one another
>retool the weapons slightly
>pistol shoots as fast as you can click and does slightly more damage
>shotgun spreads more like a real shotgun, rather than being fucking worthless
>SMG can fire slightly faster and work in a 3rd burst, to make it distinct from the chaingun
>chaingun fires twice as fast as before and holds all it's ammo in a single pool/belt
>grenade is a quick button and doesn't bounce like shit
>the chainsaw is perfect, don't change anything, except make it available earlier
>make the flashlight a feature rather than a weapon, you click a button to toggle it (like it's attached to the shoulder of your armor or something, whatever), BFG Edition does this
>level design is ok, but change up visuals a bit, can feature some concrete walls and hexagonal floor tiles made of ceramic, some carpeting, more furniture, more lighting, basically, the entire game doesn't have to be decked in metal plating from the floor to the ceiling, and it can stand to be less dark

Overall, it's by no means a bad game, just could have used some changes.

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The old games are obviously better, but I think it was pretty decent for what it was. It has a lot of cool shit going for it, but ultimately the gameplay or the levels aren't as good. Also there was too much metal paneling, not even E1 had this much metal paneling. Where's the carpeting? The rubberized/ceramic floor tiles? The concrete walls (painted or not)? Where's the wood furniture, floor and paneling?

There's two ways to make Doom 3 fun
>flashlight mod, turning it into an alright and fairly fun shooter without stumbling around in the dark like an asshole
>play with the chainsaw as much as possible and be a melee combat beast

Doom 3 had these things going for it, a fairly interesting design for monsters in some cases (the Guardian boss was really cool), and it has the best chainsaw in the series.

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I think it's decent, not as good as the first, or the fan content for the second, it's flawed and made a number of mistakes, but all in all, it's an OK shooter, it helps if you have a flashlight mod of some sort.

Though it does have the best chainsaw in the series, given that if you put your mind to it, you can take on almost any enemy in the game with it, if done right, because it's actually pretty powerful.

The same can't be said for the original chainsaw, it's got it's uses, but it's limited in what enemy you can use it on and not get buttfucked.

In Doom 3, there isn't anything actually stopping you from using the chainsaw on hellknights, pinkies, tentacle-commandos, cacos or arch-viles, if you know what to do, and Doom 3 really is the most fun when you play with the chainsaw (which is why I'm sour that it's not in the expansions).
If you get the urge to ever revisit Doom 3, try to play the game with the chainsaw as much as possible, it really makes the game a lot more fun.

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I played Resurrection Of Evil.

It did not feature melee finishers of any kind, weapon modifications, etc.
Fuck, RoE didn't even have the chainsaw (my biggest gripe with the Expansion, because the chainsaw was the best weapon in Doom 3, no, the grabber thing can go fuck itself it wasn't fun, the chainsaw was better in every way)

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>I killed a couple archviles with it, shit was cash.
Muh nigga, shit is so satisfying!

Ever tried to take on a hell-knight with one? Shit's exciting as fuck, you can do it if you circle the guy and immediately jump back afterwards to dodge his attack.

Mancubi are strangely agile though, you try and sneak up on them or circle-strafe them, and they won't have any of that shit, they'll wheel around in a hurry and try to bash you with their arm cannon.

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