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What is your favorite palette and why?

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When booting up a black and white game boy on GBC you can press a button combination to load preset palettes. The one you're seeing is green for bg 1 and 2 and red for sprites.
Pic related is missing A and B with neutral directional.

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Why did the Game Boy Color include some of the most garish color palettes possible, yet not include the classic green tint palette?

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which one is canon for non-official colorized ports?

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Which one's your favourite?

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Which Palette is canon?

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I really enjoy a frontlight modded GBC thank to it being able to use color pallets on GB games also the enhanced pallets on black cart games.

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>However, I don't know where the game-specific palletes that you can choose in Gambatte come from.
I'm not familiar with that emulator. Does it choose a palette from one of 12? Or does it choose some other palette?

If it is the former, that is standard GBC behavior. The GBC has some sort of small ROM that contained information on the library of published GB games and appropriate palettes to choose for each.

If it is the latter, it the colors must have been chosen by the author of the emulator or the community.

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/vr/ Gameboy/color General

>Recommended Gameboy games

>Recommended Gameboy color games

>Emulator Resources

>To do list
Find decent links to gameboy modding information and other relevent links.
Make gb/gbc recomended collage.

Link to old thread >>3824738

What is /vr/ playing? Modders What are you working on?
Collection pics and cool mods welcome!

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You can make it look however you want.
>Implying Left+B isn't the best option anyway

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I always play the DKL series with the GBC. Put I prefer the red/green color palette.

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left + B

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Which did you choose /vr/?

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How do you choose a palette /vr/? I usually can't and end up just going with black and white.

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Game Boy's data doesn't have any "true color" value; it only knows data in 2-bit "color" format.

>00 "White"
>01 "Light shade"
>10 "Dark shade"
>11 "Black"

All sprite data is composed of those "colors" so it displays it depending on the screen. That's why Super Game Boy / GBC / GB Player can change the color output value to whatever it wants, like Green or Red or Dark Blue or whatever.

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forgot pic

I dont know much about emulation but this might have something to do with it

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I think I used Up and Left the most

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Last one.

Thes creen on the GBC is also of fairly superior quality. Absolutely no ghosting, crystal clear.

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speaking of GBC, what palette do you prefer /vr/?

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Lets discuss playing original gameboy games on some of the newer models. Is there any particular palette that looks good on a certain game? I usually play most of mine on default I had a few that I liked when I was younger I dont remember now. Any gameboy enthusiasts wanna tell me whats up and how I should be playing my games?

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Gotta expand my collection.
I only have yellow and teal right now.

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