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Pic related
Yes it's super outdated
Yes it still looks amazing

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Are there any story-driven Atari 2600 games?

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Glad I saw this thread so I don't have to make one. Hopefully you guys can be serious for a minute.

I noticed that /vr/ rarely talks about the pre NES consoles much. Why might this be? Is it because the games are a bit too bland even for /vr/ taste? I was too young to have played these consoles. The only one I think I played might have been the Colecovision. This was such a long time ago though although I do know I played a console that came before the NES. I'm just not entirely sure if it definitely was Colecovisoin.

To be brutally honest here, I have played many of these older games by other means and it's not that many of them were bad it's just that many of them are way too simplistic to be truly engaging. Pitfall is kind of cool I guess.

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I feel like there's a certain point where games were TOO simple, or at least too simple to discuss.

How many Atari or Intellivision games took place on a single screen, where you played a character who could only move in two or four directions and perform one or two rudimentary actions?

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So, should I buy an Atari 2600 or an SNES?
Explanations are highly appreciated.
I, personally think I should buy an Atari atm.
If I decide to buy an Atari 2600 I'd buy the edition as in the picture.

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So I recently got my Atari 2600 (Heavy Sixer) in working condition. I wanna know how much these fare for and if it's worth selling. It's the heavy six switch model manufactured in Sunnyvale in '77 so it's as original as it gets, but it would be a pain in the ass to ship. There's a heavy ass aluminum sheilding inside and the plastic molding is 1/2 inch thick.

I have two working controllers and paddles +2 commons (pac-man and space invader) that I could thrown in.

After shipping I'd also have to deal with amazon or ebay/paypal fees

Should I just hold on to it and if not, what's the best way of selling it?

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What is your favorite Atari 2600 game?

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