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I had and still have one. Got it in black for Christmas 2003 with the Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition disc, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and a matching black Gameboy Player. The lid is still covered in residue from the damn Atari sticker that came in the first Dragon Ball Z Budokai game, which my older brother insisted we throw on. He also loaned the collector's edition to a friend who ended up losing the case and manual, so I'm still sad about that.

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Its not that people think more polygons and complex lighting = better graphics, you're missing the point entirely. When a 5th gen game gets remade in 8th gen, theres an expectation that it looks different. A cartoony game like Spyro is now aimed to look like a modern (CG) cartoon, and with the new technology available its expected that there aren't low res pixelated textures that warp in that PSX way or do the N64 texture blur. The remake doesn't look bad graphically as a 8th gen game, its that its remaking some of the best looking 5th gen games and its downright moronic to expect it to look the exact same. /vr/ has long since succumb to /v/ contrarianism and think different graphics = RUINED LE SOULESS, You people do so much complaining but /vr/ will never show these AAA remakes how to recreate a 5th gen visuals in a way that won't trigger contrarian /v/ermin. If you think you know better than every professional game studio, get off your fat asses and do one better, show the world you truly understand visual aesthetics, art design and color work.

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Whenever /vr/ asks a question with a clear answer the whole fucking thread goes in denial when its answered and it becomes clear the actual point of the question is to be a contrarian moron. These modders remade the prerender models nearly flawlessly and even found source textures for world geometry to look almost exact. People will never be pleased they just want to say OLD GOOD NEW BAD like /v/tards. If you guys think it looks 50 times worse, learn 3D modeling and do one better

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Itwasn't /vr/ it was one guy who spammed and spammed because he had nothing to do with his life. And I wouldn't be surprised if that was you, OP. Get over it. HL still has retro shooter design at its core and its pointless to say it "killed the genre" when it was never dead to begin with. People have made retro styled shooters all the way back from Serious Sam to countless indie titles being pumped out today. Shut the fuck up and consider enjoying games instead of whining about them like a /v/tard

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This thread is stupid. /vr/ used to love prerender threads and be like "the 90s promo prerenders have so much SOUL" "When are games going to look like this??" Then when a mod is made to look completely identical to the prerenders yall come out of the woodwork screeching "LE SOULESS !!". Granted OP's pic is just one zoomed in screenshot but this is exactly what some of you all wanted all along. I guess soul is just a /v/ buzzword after all.

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Then post in threads you like and ignore the rest? This isn't that difficult to grasp.

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>You weren't having fun, it was a trick!
Why not talk about games you actually like instead of harping on Half-Life ad nauseam?

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we dont care what you think, go to /v/ if you want to be a whiney cunt

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It is when the bait and shit opinions are spammed. One shitpost every week would be healthy but being in a active thread with this asshole you literally see shitposts come in tidal waves. "On topic opinions" mean nothing when your strategy is spamming ZERO COUNTERARGUMENTS in threads but when someone actually does they don't reply they just make a new thread. DWterminator is indeed a spammer

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You can still play QTF tho

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>Alex Kidd finally gets an official comeback beyond a random cameo
>mfw this thread
The fuck happened to this board man

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>I stopped buying so gaming IS infact ruined
man online was just so bad it ruined games for you so much that you spend your time not with games but whining on messege boards. baka

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Why does this shit always happen, this vs that. Shut the fuck up and let people enjoy what they want. They're both pretty good games, I don't think I've ever thought, oh I like one and the other one sucks. Fuck off with this brainlet contrarian shit.

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Overruled, asswipe.
>Jet Set Radio
>not necessarily "good"
Go back to /v/

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Why the fuck do you care how people enjoy their vidya? Go kill yourself for shitting up the board.

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this is a map thread, not a jerk thread

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You use the phrase 'soul' in the /v/ rhetoric. Don't even try to bullshit us. Go back to /v/ or better yet /vp/ wusses like you just try to ruin shit for everyone else just because you don't like the ways of the appropriate community (/vp/) and said communitys consensus. Gp away. You got your attention and (you)s congrats you made us all look. I really don't even care about what Gen is better at this point, just don't be a /v/tard that shits where he eats.

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