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Trying to inject gameshark codes into PCSX2 has been an enormous headache. I've followed all the instructions and tutorials on how to do it to a T, and it refuses to work. I have custom gameshark 2/action replay 2 codes to put into Vice City.

The pnach method is unnecessarily convoluted. Using omniconvert to convert them into unencrypted raw either returns in an error message, or doesn't convert them at all. Even with the pnach file correctly set up and PCSX2 log shows the cheats are enabled, they are not. The CRC is the right number, so is the format in which the codes are meant to be entered.

Using a gameshark/action replay rom to input the codes manually and then swap the disc doesn't seem to work either, since as soon as the disc is swapped it returns to the PS2 bios browser, thereby removing the codes entirely.

Can anyone provide help into what I'm doing wrong? Like I said I've tried everything with tutorials and got no results.

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