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Yeah, that was a problem with most people regarding Moi dix Mois. I don't think all their albums sound the same though, Dix infernal is the one that sounds the most "same-y", but at the same time, I think it has a high production value, and a couple songs actually stand out from the rest, like Solitude, which is a more mid-tempo song and features a little bit of Mana's trademark harpsichord-like guitar melodies, which was absent in most of MdM songs in favor of "wall of sound" metal riffs, which was the majority of that album. Dix infernal was like one long death metal song.
Now, Nocturnal Opera was different, it had more variety, stuff like vestige sounded like it could be a soft Malice Mizer track from the Voyage era, or Perish, which sounded like a post-punk/goth rock song more similar to Bauhaus than to Slayer or other metal bands Mana obsess over.
But, overall, yes, Mana's music was exposed as being very formulatic in MdM. By the time Lamentful Miss released, I was really tired of Mana's compositions. I also think he kind of stopped trying, I mean his Bara no seidou compositions are incredible, he was at his creative peak there.
Still, Mana did a good variety of music in MM, he has a lot of poppy songs like au revoir, or calm songs like Eege, but the real reason why MM was so variated and always sounded fresh was Kozi. I love his solo works a lot more than Moi dix Mois. MM was both Kozi and Mana, that was the magic.

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