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>Tubes that clearly are connected to the heart
>Unless they're made of some "demonic" material he's fucked
>No protection for the right arm, despite everything else does.
>if you climb on top of it, like Doomslayer does,can't reach you because his arms are busy
>He's pretty slow as well so... Can't shrug him off either
>Unless has a shield but is unlikely

I know I'm nitpicking but this thing doesn't seem functional at all.
Even the Stroggs looked more practical than this

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>How to make you custom class in 2:00hrs!!!

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Term has a podcast?

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well yeah, babby's 1st, but i've never once made a map that had different spawns across different difficulties

i just map assuming UV play; if that's doable, every other difficulty will be

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>turok still belongs to disney

the fuck you say

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>id wanting to try new things
>people automatically assume its shit because its not quake

I mean, it's obvious that they're not gonna fucking copy Overwatch, hence the mention that it'll be like Quake 3. They're just taking certain aspects of it and trying to experiment with it. We don't even know jack shit about it gameplay wise (other than what we've been told so far), and people are complaining because "bawww this wasnt in MY quake!!!!!!!!" As far as I'm concerned, this will just make the game a little more interesting to play, not to say the other Quakes were bad or will pale in comparison to Champions.

And besides, it's been confirmed that there will be strafejumping/rocket jumping so that's all cool with me cus I love that shit.

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there's this crazy new thing called "modding", which is not only legal, but actively encouraged

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>lovecraftian shit
>uses disgusting color themes

i'm not seeing the problem here

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>this thread

where did my comfy go

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