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Hybrid Heaven is a unique adventure game with RPG mechanics, battles mix elements of turn based menues with real time 3D fighting and wrestling.
The setting, music and atmosphere is also late 90s as fuck.

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At first it looks like an average early third-person shooting/adventure game, but then the actual battles begin and that's when things go crazy.
Real-time 3D fighting premise, but attacks are semi-turn based and menu-based. I say semi-turn based because it's mostly real time, but when you or your opponent decide to attack, the menu screen pop up and it's like in a traditional RPG where you can select your commands, item, etc.
You can only attack when your stamina bar is replenished (which you can later upgrade), you can also run, which also uses stamina.
When you're close to your opponent you can either attack first, or if the enemy attacks, you will be able to select a variety of functions (step, guard, counter). If you select step, you can choose what direction you want to step in to avoid the attack it's coming.
For attacking you can select a variety of punches and kickcs (right arm, left arm, uppercut, front, low kick, etc etc) and as you level up you get more abilities and wrestling supplex moves. There is also a custom combo option where you can make your own made combination of attacks, as I said, the more stamina you have, the more consecutive hits you can inflict, supplex moves also use a lot of stamina.
The upgrade system also let you level up different parts of your body, and you even get experience from receiving attack, so lets say you receive a hit on your left arm, you will get experience on the left arm. So you can end up with a very powerful left-side arm and leg, and weak right-side or viceversa - generally kicks deal more damage than punches so the most likely scenario is that your legs will be a lot more leveled than your arms, but it's all up to the player.
But yeah, Hybrid Heaven lives up to its name, it's a hybrid of adventure/TPS, RPG, 3D fighting and wrestling.

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Hybrid Heaven mixes 3D fighting gameplay and wrestling in a blend of real time action with menu-based commands with a deep leveling up, upgrade and customization system.
It also has elements of third-person shooting and action-adventure while navigating the levels. It's not your average JRPG.

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>all this shitposting

GITS on ps1 is indeed pretty awesome though.

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Hybrid Heaven should be cheap, and it's a good game, not without its flaws, but good if you're looking for something different and original.
Basically a mix of wrestling, 3D fighting and turn-based RPG.
The game's combat system is pretty amazing and addictive, however I think the game is a bit weak when it comes to the non-combat action parts, which mix a bit of third-person shooting. Not bad or unplayable, but a bit bland and sometimes the camera can be annoying (especially when you need to perform jumps).

You need a N64 memory cart in order to save in this game though, but the good thing is that you can save your own character's stats in it, go to a friend's house who also has this game (I know, what are the chances?) and play VS mode against his own character.
Otherwise you can play VS mode without custom characters anyway. It's pretty fun.

Must be noted that this game had some staff that worked on some acclaimed games like the Metal Gear games on MSX and Snatcher (it even has some vague references here and there). I think this bit of information isn't very well known or the game would probably be more expensive/more sought after.

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It still has some.

And I don't understand, you post on /v/ but not on /vr/?

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You need to explore the N64 catalogue more.

That's it, if you care about actually having a non-biased opinion.

Also, while it's true the PS1's catalogue is very big, you'd spend most of that time going through shovelware than anything else.

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Hybrid Heaven
Goemon's Great Adventure
Jet Force Gemini
Bomberman Hero
F-Zero X
Wave Race 64
Pilotwings 64
Sin and Punishment (import, but you can easily mod your N64 to play japanese games)

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hybrid you say?

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I just finished this game, and I gotta say the main thing that kept me hooked to it was the battle system. I was really curious to see what the final boss enemy would be like. Unfortunately, final enemies in the game were easy enough for me and ended them in just a couple turns.
Anyone played this on Hard difficulty? what about Ultimate?

Also HH thread. Let us discuss this one of a kind strange hybrid game.

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Has there ever been a game with a better combat system than Hybrid Heaven? I don't think so!

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