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Are there any other FMV games like Phantasmagoria 2 that captures that 90s feeling? The whole game felt like watching one of those weird 90s X-Files inspired/ripoff sci-fi shows like First Wave. Hell, the game itself referenced X-Files at one point by Curtis saying something in the lines of
>Hell, I've been watching too much X-Files

There was just something really comfy with the whole atmosphere. I remember reading some magazine review about Phantasmagoria 2 years ago and it stated that the game itself is not all that impressive, but if you're into cheesy b-movies it's worth checking out.

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>watch few episodes of the First Wave (1998)
>episodes about computer users refer internet users as webheads

"He's a total webhead" and "I know a webhead when I see one!". It's weird how technology related shows in the late 90s made the internet sound such a magical place.

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