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Megaton Edition was really good as a console port, as it has the complete original game and all of it's official expansions, unaltered and uncut, as well as good controls and music (all of it for just $10 too), but it's no longer available on consoles, and if you're playing on PC, I would suggest EDuke32, then maybe grab the expansions (and maybe the music) from a pirated download of Megaton.
You could also pirate Megaton if you don't want to bother with EDuke32, it's an overall pretty functional port after it was patched, but EDuke32 is generally just better.

Don't get World Tour, the sound is all fucked up and weird, they also had J.S.J rerecord all his lines, and he sounds really unenthusiastic and very slightly depressed. Also World Tour doesn't have the expansions, meaning you don't get to play the very excellent Duke Caribbean

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>fun and cheerful theme and tone of just "Hey why the fuck not? He's on vacation now!", they take it and just run with it all the way
>very competent mappers (check out their other work)
>lots of effort (pretty much EVERYTHING is given a styling to fit the theme of the game) while keeping the sweet core gameplay largely the same
>really sweet tunes to go with the levels
>just the right kind of challenge and exploration for some relaxed vacation fun
Probably one of the best official expansion packs ever made for an FPS.

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