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By what metric?
>Larger game library
>Average playtime and content per game much is much higher
>Graphics are chock full o' soul, KINO and in a very round about way the spiritual successor to the SNES.
>Architecture encouraged creative devs to push the limits of the hardware (even if sony were dicks about it) and had homebrew kits
>Controller became the standard for two more generations
>Much higher sales

The only negative I can come up with is the texture wobble but its not even consistently a problem.

The N64 and Saturn are both flawed enough in comparison to keep them below the PSX in every category but raw computational power.

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>some kind of geek on /vr/

Go back to /v/ bra

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>duuuur theyre not obscure to meee cause i know them all!
Do your parents know you are up so late on the family computer?

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>it's belt scroller kid
Its... Its really not at all. Saying that is an obscure term at best and is so vague it could refer to virtually any game that scrolls. The fuck outta here with that.

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