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the thread full of good recommendations.

I also suggest quarantine if you want an open world (webm related).
if you're a fan of vehicular combat, you might also want to check out Crime Killer for the psx:
also G-police if you want an combat flight sim set in a very blade runner-esque city:

all of those games feature some degree of futuristic city exploration, which pretty comfy.

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quarantine is sadly the opposite of calming due to the aggressive AI (literally everyone wants to kill you, although only a few do it actively) and the poor handling. still a pretty atmospheric game, though.

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the overall experience is dragged down by broken handling and collision detection, but Quarantine is still an extremely fun and comfy game. I recommend giving it a try.

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it's essentially a good game, but deeply flawed.

the handling in the game is completely fucked. if hit by another car (and believe me, this happens often), your car will bounce around like a pinball. while this is might be justified on the ground of the cars being hover cars, it doesn't make it less frustrating. this becomes even more frustrating when you take into account that non hostile cars simply DON'T STOP for you. you need to enter a garage by the side of the road, so you bring the car to a stop before trying to manuever it into the port. however, the traffic behind to continues as usual, and if someone hits you, you bounce away like a pinball (the heavier vehicles encountered in the last district can potentially send you flying kilometers away, not kidding).

there's also the glitchy collision detection. this is usually just a minor time killer when you try to enter car ports, but it potentially becomes dangerous if you touch the railings next to water. you don't even have to apply force, just touching these railings is often enough to glitch you to the other side, plunging you into a watery death.

in spite of these issues, I still found it to be a highly enjoyable game. the graphics are excellent. especially the UI and the wall textures are masterfully designed, and contribute to the feeling of a bustling cyberpunk city. exploration is great. each district has its own quirks, and the sub areas have characteristics that make them memorable.

I understand that not everyone has the patience to ignore the shortcomings and play through the entire story. in fact, a lot of people actually even hate the game. I've seen many blog posts and youtube videos where it's treated like kusoge. however, I would recommend for everyone to at least give it a try.

also, don't bother with any of the ports. the DOS version is the definite version. the original issues persist in the ports, and the ports have shittier graphics and shittier performance.

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Quarantine is a beautiful, but ultimately broken game. The broken collision detection, along with the way that you bounce when hit by other cars, make the game frustrating as fuck. In the last district, I remember that there were trucks that could send you bouncing over a kilometer when they rammed into you. Furthermore, the poor collision detection could really make your life miserable when you entered bays or crossed bridges.

Still, I did love the atmosphere. The graphics were superb: the colour palette and the great texture pixelart did a lot to make Kemo feel like a bustling cyberpunk city. The changing sky textures did a lot to make the different districts feel more unique, and having the last district be set during daytime gave the whole a game a nice feeling of progression, as if the entire game until that had been one long night, and now it had finally dawned.

Funny fact: most of the graphics and designs from Quarantine were made by Ray Larabie, who would later make the car designs for GTA2 (incidentally also a cyberpunk game) and GTA London.

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actually it's an Escape from New York style prison city, hence all the walls that separate the districts. it's very likely that the devs chose the name to make it seem more dystopic and polluted.

one interesting thing about the game is that Ray Larabie (who designed the cars for GTA London and GTA2) made most of the graphics for it.

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