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Has Carmack ever explained why he programmed the BFG in such a weird arcane way? I think it's by far the most unintuitive weapon I've ever come across in any game, since.

Tracers farting out of the player in a 90 degree cone facing the direction you fired the gun, and only when the projectile hits something. That's fucking weird.

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>your starting pistol has ricocheting shots that hurt you

that sounds pretty lame

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>no star ocean 2
into the bin it goes

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>Get bored of playing wads for years
>think Doom 2016 must be good game since everyone praises it
>turns out its a console FPS with slug movement
Maybe i am too old for videogames.

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>Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel is also a great game although it is quite hard, full of vehicular autoscroller segments that kill you in one hit in the vein of the Turbo Tunnel from Battletoads and I hate how the dive test segments are mandatory.

God i love this game and its soundtrack

i bought it back in the 90's for dirt cheap, now a copy sells for anywhere from $150-$300

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>carpet on top of carpet

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Sometimes I wonder why I still come here.

Like, I'm taking a break right now from studying for CFA Level 3 (a bitch of an exam). Thought I'd relax and sit back and enjoy some 4chins for 45 minutes or so.

But you know, this shit ain't relaxing senpai. I'm not even taking part in the conversation but this isn't even amusing to see, just irritating. Why do I even bother coming to a place that's just annoying for completely trivial reasons? Asking honestly.

inb4 some other smartass annoying af reply

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>Half-Life's sound design was amazing.
>It just so happens that half the sounds were leftovers from the alpha version which were awfully low sample rate wavs.
so then the sound design's not amazing

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>first playthrough on console i get the crissaegrim completely by accident
>second playthrough on emulator, years later, have to grind for about an hour and a half, and it still never drops
>give up, save, and go to sleep for the night
>as soon as i wake up, start the game, kill a schmoo, it drops the fucking sword
There's some kind of dark, voodoo magic involved in SotN's drop rates.

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>le model 3 is a piece of shit meme

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>don't want prices to go up
>Sega Saturn
>proceeds to shame posters for talking about retro games
lmao back to /v/

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>tfw white American male
It's just funny because Atari is a Japanese word

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>enjoying 4

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