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yeah in newer shooters its all actually one huge place thats put together in pieces, and they try to keep the story moving along with points of no return
> even old school Fallout had Places, separated by a world travel map
> modern Fallout does not have Places, its literally one huge place, and its an annoying Pita to move between destinations because it stretches out how long it takes to get anything satisfying done and get conclusions on quests.
mfw The Glow was definitely a Place like something right outta silent hill and you had to prepare for that mofo before even stepping foot into the map square
> stop just short of going in The Glow, open up random desert tile map to pop several pills of Rad-X, go to exit grid
> step just over the world map square into The Glow, satisfaction at not immediately taking a shitload of rads, I can definitely do this
> oh shit I forgot to bring a Rope!

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