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I would like you to draw Retro ProtoMan and Retro Megaman in a scene where Megaman is Protecting Abraham Lincoln Memorial. Lying on the ground with Protoman Pointing at him saying "HA I knew you'd risked youself for Mr.Lincoln!"
If it's too much to draw then someone could Photoshop this picture with the phrase then and I be fine.

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SNES. Drives me fucking insane seeing the Dark Ages referred to as Antiquity

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C'mon, it's just an emoticon. It's okay to not like them but no need to ream someone over it.

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I fucking loathe people like you.

You have done nothing but complain from day one about your supposed lack of artistic talents. People kept telling you that you don't need talent. You posted a sprite and people said that it's all right, we're not looking for good quality sprites.
Someone finally does something as an offer. You latch on to that like a fucking Metroid. Then when they say they're too busy, you want to keep at them? You want to "persuade" them?

Pic related.

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>No Jedi Knight DF2

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>Started at $50.
It was nice while it lasted.

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>No Crash 1-3

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