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I'm getting filtered by Scythe's MAP30. Is this a theme on Scythe 2 as well, starting with 2min maps and then ending with slaughtermaps breaching almost 1k monsters total?

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not him, but i did this out of curiosity. sorted by rating, and it turns out the highest rated megawad in doomworld is......


With 5 stars.
Because it only has 1 vote.

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Lol, but I liked advent children :D

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Yeah I mean my extended family all own guns and I've gone shooting quite a bit, but I don't own one myself YET so I'm not as versed with the internal workings as I'd like. The concepts are pretty simple but there are a lot of variations on them.
On the other hand I've been a science nerd my whole life and have read enough to bullshit my way through any plasma gun description.
pic related

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>Still nothing more than shit posting
No wonder the guild hit the shitter

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