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good beat em ups are designed with the ol "easy to learn, hard to master" philosophy. IN SoR2, getting through normal mode is totally doable for everyone given enough time. but on hardest, or god forbid, mania, good fucking luck. you need to be intimately aware of each enemy type, their habits/moves, and more importantly, how they interact together when working in tandem.

note that i said "good beat em ups"
theres definitely some trash ones that are as mindless as can be yes, im looking at you TMNT for SNES

and while were on the topic, shill me some beat em ups that have fighting-style inputs/commands and multiple special moves for each character
some of my favorite console beat em ups are SoR3 and final fight 3 for this very reason. theres just a lot more outside of just mashing attack that you can, and on harder difficulties, NEED to execute, in order to make it through well maybe not on FF3 as its too fucking ez, but i still argue that its excellent combat mechanics let it hold up regardless

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