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Because you're going to get chewed out by haters for "obvious bait" and shit

>It is visceral, contains tons of rip and tear
This is exactly the turn off for some people. Some sounds are extremely loud (or even had their volume turned up) which causes annoying loudness and sometimes sound clipping. Its annoying for some people.
The amount of gore is actually sometimes offputting for people, saying there's quite a lot of it.
The demons have many elements in them that make it more akin to torture porn. They wail and scream for you to end their torture which just makes you seem creepy and sadistic.
Additionally, Doom being a game from 1993, many people have toasters for computers. They come into this game not expecting the intense amount of gore things to slow their computers to a crawl.

>makes the game more challenging
It makes hitscanners bullshit. The rest of the game is actually easier. Armor is fucked all to hell and projectiles are still as slow as their normal Doom counterpart (and do just about as much damage compared to the super-fast hitscanners' fire rates) which makes them painfully underpowered. (Terrifying, considering many late-game monsters are projectile-throwers.)

Video related.

And lastly, while the mod was at it's peak in popularity, Sgt. Mark got a bit of a big head from it. He made some comments that I don't want to get into in fear of getting them wrong, but just know that they include statements that many people would consider horrible and there's a reason he's been banned from both ZDoom and Zandronum forums.

Now I'm going to hit send and see everyone telling you to stfu and you getting no answers. Sorry about that.

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This again...

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Sperglord edition was made to remove the things people complained about. My thesis is that if it's bad there, it's probably worse in straight BD.

If the populus requires I will go ahead and get BDv19.

I did it myself just now.

I was trying to show comparisons to the people who are DISCUSSING Brutal Doom.
Get some facts in there to avoid misinformation.
Just posting about it isn't Shitposting.

IP Checks be damned. Here's my screenie.

Doomcenter or something?

Well then... ROUND 2!

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