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Congratulations, you're better at Skies of Arcadia than me.

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>Vectorman 1 & 2 for starters. Comix Zone. Alien Soldier. Wonderboy.
Well... go on....

Go on...

>You're a faggot.
True but that's not really the problem, is it?

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Is it weird that I think the pump shotgun is better than the super shotgun?

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Any idea why all my wads suddenly have no sound to them anymore?

I've checked the options obviously, and nothing is muted.

What the fuck?

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>You're actually extremely weak


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For me personally, I'd say the Dreamcast library is worse than the N64.

The N64 has like, 30 or 40 games I enjoy, whereas the Dreamcast has... Seaman, I guess?

Seriously, I've perused through the Dreamcast collection, and sure, it has something like 300 more games than the 64, but I sincerely don't give a shit about ANY of them.

But of course, that's just me.

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I dunno, do I?

I'd rather play Umihara Kawase than Mother Memer.


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>Have job

>Browse Ebay occasionally when bored

>Occasionally buy a game or two every once in a while

>Paying $30+ doesn't bother me

Can't for the life of me figure out why you autismal faggots whine about this so much, still a lot cheaper than new games and consoles nowadays.

You didn't seriously believe that these things would stay at cent price tags, did you?

It's not like I want the entire SNES library anyway.

Just stick with your sub par PC emulation if it bothers you so much.

TL;DR: Stay BTFO cheapsters. :^)

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Well...Can Kid Chameleon be considered a Mario clone?

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Hey, I'm not the dipshit/troll who asked what the good RPGs were. I'm just pointing out there fucking aren't any.

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>first time playing the game
>killed Articuno
>used Master Ball on Zapdos
>killed MewTwo
>killed Moltres

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Fingertips are faster than thumbs. Maybe has something to do with it?

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Is Mega Man X6 retro?

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>my face when I was 14 I asked a girl on Planet Namek's forum for nudes completely out in the open and got banned for it

God that sucked. I loved that place, but I was a bit of an idiot back then. I was paranoid for months that the FBI or someone was gonna raid my house and arrest me.

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I remember briefly having some kind of point-and-click adventure game back in the 90's about Atlantis, the lost city of Atlantis. I don't remember hardly anything at all because at the time I was young and couldn't figure it out. So I didn't get too deep into the game, but I would like to give it a go if I can find it.

>It was based on Atlantis before the city was destroyed by disaster or sank into the ocean or whatever
>seem to remember them having some kind of sci-fi or magic technology element to their city
>might have had video-recorded actors playing some of the characters, but I could be wrong

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Somebody posted a block diagram in the last thread. Somebody should post it again.

From memory, I noticed that it could mix into the audio, so that would suggest CD audio playback. It also was connected to A bus (WRAM) and B bus (graphics registers). I didn't see any additional blocks for enhanced graphics functionality tho. It likely is just a SNES that just reads CDs IMHO, and being connected to A and B busses allows for dumping data into WRAM and VRAM respectively.

Still fucking cool, and I want to know what's on the cart because it's likely a driver for the CD drive which would be invaluable for reverse engineering the CD control registers, but it's prolly more a high capacity storage novelty and a museum piece than something the likes of which we've never seen before.

Then again, if you could transfer a full screen of character data and nametables to memory faster enough, you could have FMV on SNES. Gfx would be (8 pixel)*(8 pixel)*(4 bits/pixel)*(32 chars)*(32 chars)*(1/8 bits/byte)=(32768 bytes), while nametable would be (32 chars)*(32 chars)*(2 bytes/char)=(2048 bytes). That's definitely doable if you double buffer and run at (30 Hz), but it may just be doable at the full (60 Hz). But FMV sucks anyway, so more a novelty than anything.

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Thanks. Honestly I made the graphics look a little ridiculous to motivate someone else to do better. I mean, wtf are fish doing floating by in the background?

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Y-you too.

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Mite B gud.

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I just started getting into the retro scene and something has been bothering me. Do you all leave your games in your consoles or take them out? Seems like if you left them in it would keep dust and shit from getting on the contacts. Is there any drawback to leaving carts in the consoles?

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I check on my genesis & game boy every 2 o 3 odd years to see how they're doing. I've never encountered anything unusual outside of the glitches the games have by default, my advise is that you clean your shit OP.

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That's what you get when you work for free, building on top of what other people started. If you want to get paid, you chase a paycheck in the first place. At least mods get you exposure. That's really all he can ask for.

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>be 1999
>be 14
>be frequent user of planetnamek.com's forum
>end up asking a girl my age for nudes, publicly
>get banned

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