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>Covid is a hoax
How can one be so cringe...
>fantasies of running over BLM protesters
..yet so based at the same time ?
Not Dooming but Dukeing personally, I'm plowing through Duke it out in DC.

Though I've been thinking of playing DOOM 2 and then purchasing 2016 this summer.

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>mfw knowing the source of that crop

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This is untested, try at your own risk.


Bind a key in the options menu, then use it to toggle (hopefully) the slomo on and off. Might do nothing, might make things janky, I don't know.

I'm currently testing other stuff and will eventually try it myself when I get the time, but wanted to post this here in case my mad experiment did actually work.

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What are some of the best boss maps in a wad you've played?

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What are the best mapsets to play with Project Brutality? Anything that is a techbase would be sweet.

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The secondary fire fires your gun tho. I've tried assigning all different actions to keys and none of them work. Oh well.

Time to go through Doom 1 with Demonsteele.

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