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The title of that song, "Gekka no yasoukyoku" (Nocturne in moonlight) is the same as the japanese title of Symphony of the Night.
Also Mana did actually collaborate with Konami for Harmony of Dissonance, he composed a ringtone released exclusively for japanese cell phones, called "La nuit blance", as a promotion for the game. Sadly, that ringtone seems to be lost forever now.

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Can't have one of these threads without mentioning /ourguy/ Mana.

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No, it's thanks to Mana-sama.

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What are some celebrities that are heavily into /vr/ stuff?
Starting with Mana, he's been a hardcore retro gamer since before "retro gaming" was cool.
He also has weird taste, 3DO is one of his all time favorite systems.

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Mana is into /vr/ shit, so yes, definitively one of us.
Also, we will never get to hear the Castlevania ringtone he composed.

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>pc engine LT

Mana-sama is perfect!

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>you will never be as cool as Mana

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