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Mana isn't a tranny though. He identifies as a male, and he always said he likes girls, which is why he's invented gothic lolita clothing, guy basically made his fetishes real, in the real world. Also he probably is in such degree of narcissism and ridiculous standards that he just became his own waifu.

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She's already taken, bro.

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the fun thing is that Mana is most likely hetero, actually most people think that Mana is actually in love with his female-image, as he sees himself as more pretty than any girl, probably. But he likes girls, and never mentioned liking guys. In one of Malice Mizer's videos Mana is being naughty with a nude lady (while Gackt, who admitted to being bi-sexual, actually appears in the same video fooling around with both naked men and women).
I think the only actually gay guy in malice mizer was Kami. And he was a great drummer, much respect for him.

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