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I dunno, the most interesting part is finding the route that seems to be the fastest and doable. When it comes to executing that route everything turns into grindfest where you perform absolutely the same set of actions in absolutely the same order time and time again until planets align in the right way and you get your fast time.
Now I look at my old demos and see that there's actually a lot of room for improvement but I can't be bothered to redo any of them simply because I don't want to do all this shit again.

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The American soundtrack is some really cool music to play with. The Japanese soundtrack is the reason Sonic CD exists.

>Sonic Boom > Cosmic Eternity
You're a faggot who doesn't keep an open mind.

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>tfw all the audically impaired people posting midis to this site

I'm talking to you, King Meteor.

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go faster

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F-ZeroGX sized

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