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There's a whole ton ton ton of things other Metroid fans have been requesting of me to see in Dreadnought, and while I've run a few of these ideas by you lads before, I figure I might as well post it here and get a solid idea on what you'd consider cool.

1: Extra features/maneuvers from other Metroids? (i.e. the sidehop, the Shinespark, bomb combos, etc)
2: Extra items from other Metroids? (i.e., the visor, screw attack, etc)
3: Extra characters in the vein of Metroid Prime: Hunters? (A space pirate, a Federation soldier, etc)
4: More maps, finishing up the DM mappack and/or maybe a few short singleplayer/co-op missions about hunting bounties?
5: Metroid enemies acting as (optional) replacements for the Doom bestiary?
6: iwad dependency removed to play in Heretic, Hexen, Chex Quest, etc?
7: Extra graphical polish? (Cleaning up the skin, tweaking the arm cannon, new sprites for the weapon pickups/bombs/etc)
8: Zero Suit mode? (Fast meleeing with muay thai/krav maga, plasma pistol, sneaking around and taking out enemies covertly)

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More Metroid DM testing shenanigans. Interested?

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