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>Backpacks are virtually everywhere in Knee Deep, though.
Little kid me was even more retarded, surprisingly enough. I was like 7 years old, but I hadnt ever played an FPS.

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I got all of the sounds in for this guy, and he's pretty much done mechanically, all that's left is to add the special deaths for him

I'm actually getting closer and closer to getting this update finished and it's freaking me out

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>Or dense simpleton

Cool projection, buddy

>I argued that the Genesis had technically inferior hardware and therefore technically inferior sound.


>You're claiming that better hardware = better music.

>What a programmer does with given hardware and what an individual likes is up to them.

Yes, that was the point I was making. You can make terrible music on high-end hardware.

>But don't argue the 2600 had superior sound hardware.

Here's where you're getting confused. I never said the genesis was superior hardware-wise, ever. Find one quote where I did.

Indeed, you need to work on your reading comprehension.

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I never played RCT. Wich one is better? why? I'll download the winner

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accidentally stole some shit off a monster in some dungeon because I forgot to change back from stealing mode to interact mode, didn't think anything of it, come back to town, letter from the thieves guild, do thieves guild quest, kill the wizard I had to steal from, come back to daggerfall, letter from the dark brotherhood

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>Be lv 14
>Scared as fuck to hunt dwarfs (shaking hands, panic attack and stuff like that)
>I better increase my skills
>Go hunting
>Random PK appears
>You are dead
>You downgraded to lv 13
>Scared as fuck to hunt dwarfs again
>I better increase my skills

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you're in for one hell of a time, anon

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