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Hey guys. There's one idiot from 2ch/v/doom trying to argue that Doom was never a funny colourful arcade game as we all know and was actually a dark horror like Doom 3 which according to him was not a spin-off but a natural development of the franchise in the direction of horror as well as PSXDoom/D64. As part of arguing he posted this screenshot stating that he added some "CRT filter" to it which he claims is the way Doom is meant to play with, because "LCD monitors and default GZDoom settings broke the original dark style and turned the game into some mario colourful bright shit".

This schizo is also a dumb hater of mods (Brutal Doom) and Nu-Doom games and says that the franchise went on a wrong direction because of "crappy mods". He praises Doom 3 though.

How to deal with such schizo? I really doubt that Doom actually looked that dark on CRT monitors in 90s and and this he is probably telling bullshit. Can somebody who really played Doom 2 in 90s on CRT analyze this screenshot?

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